Wednesday, January 1, 2014


No one likes goodbyes. Least of all me. But after 670 posts, I have decided to call it quits. And what a journey it has been. Together we have travelled to the four corners of the globe, uncovering architectural gems. Voyeuristically peeking through cracks and crevices, into windows and behind doors, all to find the illusive phenomenon known as Style.

To ring in 2014, here are fourteen of my favourite and more personal postings:

1. The Legacy of Utata Mandela (here)
2. Alphaville on the Esplanade (here)
3. Chandler House (here)
4. By the Rivers of Babylonstoren (here)
5. S.O.S. (here)
6. Three months in Cape Town: A Snapshot (here)
7. Our House at the End of our Street: Finale (here... and more here)
8. Searching for Sugar Man - Tribeca, New York (here)
9. New Year's Eve: Seen and Heard at the Stork Club (here)
10. Passage to Africa III - Stowe (Part I) (here)
11. In the Ring with Brooklyn Circus (here)
12. On Location: B'More (here)
13. My husband said I should call this Buying at Brimfield with my Husband's Money (here)
14. Quagga (here)

To all those who journeyed with me and offered input and appreciation, thank you and an enormously happy 2014.


Here is my last and final posting. My home in Cape Town...


  1. The best till last.... :)
    Happy New Year ... and see you on Instagram... otherwise I will miss your eye for beauty...

    1. Thank you so much, Vicki. A very happy new year to you too and look forward to keeping in touch via Insta and French Essence! Love Phil xxxxx

  2. Hi Philippa!!! - What a thrill to get to see your new beautiful home in Cape Vicki put it, the best till last. Miss you terribly here in Baltimore......our beloved, quirky, charming, rough around the edges city is not the same without you. Happy, Happy 2014 to you, Craig and Bella!!!! Enjoy your new endeavors! XOXOXO Wendy

    1. DEAREST Wendy... what a lovely comment. Thank you! Miss you terribly too. I had a huge lump in my throat yesterday when I was combing through posts, and sorting through all the Balto pics! Huge love to you all too. Bella sends special love to Acey! Phil xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  3. A lovely home, almost as lovely as those who inhabit it.
    We miss you here in Charm City.

    1. Dearest Sandra... thank you so much, and we miss you all terribly too. Huge love from us and a big kiss for you, Stephen and Jack xxxxxxxxx

  4. I am bereft….just discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago. There is nothing like it out there…..such beauty and style. So I will switch gears and follow you on instagram and Pinterest instead!

  5. Oh Not happy to read this, Philippa.
    I always look forward to seeing your post almost each day - you've inspired me alot to continue blogging.... I will definitely miss you!
    Wishing you and yours a joyous and happy new year!
    Thank you for sharing your home, beautiful and perfect!! Every single bit is divine!!!!
    Much LOVE to you!
    N Rydeng

    1. Dearest Rydeng,
      You are wonderful! Thank you! I hope this is a marvellous year ahead for you too!
      Much love Phil xxx

  6. I bet there are a lot of people like me who have enjoyed your blog without ever posting to say "thank you." You have a beautiful eye and an interesting, rich perspective, and your postings have taken me to places I never would have seen otherwise. Thanks so much for taking me on the journey.


  7. bon voyage!
    i always saw your blog as "the world of interiors" online :-)
    thanks for your posts!

    1. Dear Lisa, WOI is undoubtedly my all-time, most favourite magazine, so that is the ultimate compliment. Thank you! Phil xxxxx

  8. Just read your post. I'm so sad. Your style and home has been a view into a world I didn't know existed. You have helped train my eye and style. I live in Sherman, Texas and escaped to your blog on a much needed regular basis. I want to thank you for all you have shared and shown me. It has been a wounderful treat.

    1. A huge thank you to you for being a wonderful reader. It has been so appreciated! Phil xxxxx

  9. I'm a great believer in discerning what's right for a given time in one's life and choosing carefully among the many possible uses of energy. (Or at least, I'm a great believer in trying to do so--still a work in progress for me.) So I entirely support your choice, yet as the other commenters have also said, I'll miss your presence in my email inbox. Your vivid sensibility, great eye and generous spirit have been lovely oases amid the great expanses of text and work I find there on a given morning, and have inspired me as I work on my online journal Society Nineteen as well. Thank you for all the rich and heartfelt offerings you've made here! Suzanne Fox

    1. I am so touched by everyone's wonderful comments. Thank you so much, Suzanne... I am going to visit your website as soon as I have published this comment! Best wishes, Phil xxxxx

  10. I cannot remember when it was exactly that I discovered your blog but I'm sad to see you leaving. One can always expect to find some gems in this space.

    Thank you for sharing your own home with us and goodbye!

  11. I for one - so sorry to never have discovered your blog before,and to think you were here , around the corner from me~ well, not to far!.. but happy to now read one post after the other, transporting me to a beautiful place . Wishing you only the best! ~Colette }

  12. I also arrived very late to the party! Loved so many of your posts without realizing they were all connected to one person… and now to see you have settled in CT (one of my spiritual homes). I would love to meet you next time I'm there if you're up for it, or if you find yourself in the south of france, you would be most welcome chez nous. good luck with your future projects! annie

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