Monday, May 6, 2013

Chandler House

Popping into Chandler house is like receiving a generous infusion of instant happy-meds. It is akin to walking into a beautifully curated English home - the perfect mix of unpretentious elegance, eccentricity and whimsy. In fact, in a bout of languor, all one desires is to curl up in one of the swallowable armchairs with the Brothers Karamazov. Paintings stand out against the inky blue walls and are surrounded by a plethora of antiques and collectibles from Dominic Touwen, plus colanders, plates, scatter cushions, furniture and not to mention an assortment of ceramic phrenology heads, all bedecked from... well, head to oesophagus, by the talented pen of artist, Michael Chandler in doodles of exquisite detail. Everything is for sale, which is practically sacrilege, should one disturb the perfection that is every room...

Visit the website here (Chandler House, 53 Church Street, Cape Town)
Photos by Philippa Berrington-Blew

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