Sunday, September 8, 2013

Alphaville on the Esplanade

Like a scene from a lost New Wave feature by Jean-Luc Godard, the Blue Waters Hotel on the Durban esplanade holds on to the last remnants of the geometric age from whence it comes. Largely untouched, the circular lounge looks onto the Indian ocean, with turquoise drapes weighted down as much by history, as by thick fabric. It was a beautiful morning to rediscover Durban via Beach Road; the technicolor saris and bold rhythmic Bollywood performances of the South Africa India Film Awards from the night before still pounding my head...

Awning Detail

Blue Waters (unchanged since the 60's)

Carpet (jaded and faded)

Wall Mural

Coimbra Cocktail Bar

The Versailles at Blue Waters

View to the Lounge

Revolving Door at Edenroc

Residents Only

Cleaning the turtle tank (Edenroc)

And a pic of us en route to the red carpet...


  1. Very cool pics! The revolving doors at Edenroc are beautiful. Nice to see such fine architecture and interior details preserved.

  2. Hopefully they weren't executing people in the swimming pool!