Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve: Seen and heard at the Stork Club

It was a fine evening on Park Avenue. The perfect venue for the Stork Club. What frails, what frocks! What furs, what rocks...

Mrs. Kyle Cunningham presents le boeuf.

Mrs. Craig Strydom hunting for her powder.

Stork takes the cake.
Celebrated Baltimore architect swirls a Double Black.

Bolton Hill socialites.

Bostonian celebutante.

Renowned Professor and much-lauded architect share a joke.

Hostesses hard at work.

We deserve a cocktail, dammit!

In a sentimental mood. 

"Have you heard that Mimsie Starr just got pinched in a sailor's bar?"

Swing when you're winning - resident pianist.

Co-host and consumate sommelier.

The Rat Pack.

Mr. Errol Flynn.

Kings of the heap...

A grand old time.

Singer Scotti Preston in a rendition of God Bless the Child.

Roland Park "It Girl".

What a swell party this is.

Some came a-packing

Delusions of grandeur.


Baltimore high society bid adieu to a tough 2011.

Errol flanked by Messrs. Verheyen and Strydom.

Ain't misbehaving... 

Mr. and Mrs. Errol Flynn.

 On the left, Mount Vernon socialite in a Hepburn-esque get-up.

Suave and tinkering with new technology.

A coquettish moment.

Straight, no chaser...

Well, did you evah?

I Get A Kick Out Of You...

Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby?

Photographs by Craig Strydom
Some words liberally borrowed from Frank Sinatra's Well, Did You Evah?


  1. Great party! Thanks for sharing the snaps.

  2. Great images, love everyone's outfits!
    Happy 2012 x kat

  3. how wonderful! It really looks like it was a fabulous party!

  4. LOVE these!!! You look gorgeous BTW.

  5. Too funny- your comments. Cool photos also.