Sunday, July 3, 2011

On Location: B'More

The upside of an economic downturn is having vast spaces at one's disposal for film production. Hidden Baltimore revealed itself in unexpected ways last week. Lucky to be a part of a commercials shoot (downtown and the environs), which gave me access to places normally kept under wraps. Like the Havisham-esque Brass Elephant, a once glittering and opulent hotspot which shuttered its elaborate doors a few years ago and has been a frozen time-capsule ever since. Here are a few clandestine photographs I managed to sneak in without disturbing the action...

Interior of The Brass Elephant

Our Dressing Room

The Tusk Lounge - complete with empty discarded wine bottles


Elevator details in the Bay Atlantic Club

Redwood Street

Wallpaper in the Coat Room of the Bay Atlantic Club

Coat Room Sign


Lion at the Baltimore Museum of Art

Images by Philippa Berrington-Blew


  1. These pictures are glorious - there's something almost Parisian about the architecture here.

    Andrea x

  2. What a fabulous place have captured it beautifully....xv