Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Can there be anything worse than arriving at an airport and being told (with a sense of relish) that your plane is leaving from a different airport altogether? This happened to me on Sunday at the crack of dawn. And to add insult to injury, the man behind the counter, upon looking at my ID photograph, snidely remarked on my penchant for red lipstick. Furthermore, all further flights were fully booked. There were no rental cars either thanks to the African Cup of Nations. Thank goodness for friends, who responded at the drop of a trilby to our SOS. Mia Widlake, from No. 19, and family not only fetched us but fed us a spectacular meal in their exquisite Johannesburg home. I snapped a few pics... which would never do justice to the absolute styling genius that is my partner in Brimfield (and any other shopping) crime...


  1. OMG darling!!!!! You and 'dont call me darling' are most welcome anytime at all. We were so glad that you missed your plane because we got to spend a whole whole day with you. xxxxxxxxx

  2. OH and BTW the pics are gorgeous! You dont see how messy it truely was. X

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