Monday, March 28, 2011

Kabinett & Kammer

Described (perhaps rather extremely) as Damien Hirst-esque, the astounding vision of artist and collector Sean Scherer culminates at Kabinett & Kammer on 174 East 2nd Street. Marvelously curated, this store clearly signals that Scherer's personal charter is the pursuit of the extraordinary. A selection of school charts from long defunct classrooms are staggering (what wouldn't I do to lay my hands on the jellyfish). Once you have exhausted the new East Village store, take a road trip to the original shop in the small settlement of Andes, New York. Unusual vintage sports equipment, specimen shells, taxidermy (all but impossible to find these days) ends up here...

Andes, NY

All photographs from Kabinett and Kammer
NYC: 174 East 2nd Street
Andes, NY: 7 Main Street

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  1. Oh darling, this is soooo exciting. Huge love. XXXX