Monday, March 28, 2011

Mayakovskaya Electrozavodskaya (I know, me neither!!)

When taking the underground in any city, one has to contend with urine, grime, creepos and general stink. For self-preservation, I tend to concentrate on the subway tile (which does pique my joy-dar). However, I couldn’t resist sharing some spectacular subway stops with you.
Moscow: begun in the 1930’s as part of the Socialist legacy, the Stalin-era underground is quite literally an underground “palace for the people”. Straddling Baroque, art deco and modernism simultaneously, it stands in stark contrast to the bleak tenement towers that have sprouted up on the outside.
Track 4680 miles west to NYC for a hidden gem of our own. Simply take the 6 train without detraining. At the end of the line you will discover the abandoned, but immaculately preserved City Hall subway stop, circa 1904, decommissioned because of the hazardous, curved tracks...

Avtovo Metro Station
NYC City Hall Subway Station

St. Petersburg
Subway Station in the West Village

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  1. Fantastic stuff. How did you get away with taking photographs in the Moscow Metro?

  2. LOVE your name! Actually the photos are not mine. I have never been to Russia, but it is on the bucket list...