Thursday, March 24, 2011

London by the Sea

Imagine a Regency Terrace House located a few hundred yards from the Brighton seafront (Brighton being totally divine, a famous seaside resort boasting Britain’s most iconic pier). Add an interior with high ceilings, embellished details and a wonderful palette of iron grey. A pipe dream, right? In fact, a select few are allowed into the house, where EVERYTHING is for sale, as the owner is an antique dealer. It just so happens that Alex Macarthur has unbelievable taste – it is all about the over-sized industrial lights, cracked leather armchairs, antlers and (at one time) a vintage vaulting-horse! Alex, self-admittedly, finds expression in the unusual and the unexpected. I could move in lock, stock and smoking barrel.

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Contributor: Philippa Berrington Blew

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