Thursday, March 24, 2011

Renaissance Man

Literally thought I was dreaming (even pinched arm – triggering instant bruise) when I stumbled upon a yard sale which stopped me in my tracks. It was no ordinary yard sale with the usual array of dried flowers and ditched halloween scraps. Instead it was more like a Sotheby’s or Christies house sale that had just accidentally spilled out onto the sidewalk—such was the caliber of ‘discard’. While I was restraining myself from spontaneous I’ll-take-it-all-syndrome, I met the owner and he led me into his apartment which was so instantly breathtaking, I had to request a return visit to shoot the evidence of a man who truly embodies exquisite taste.
Baltimore born and raised and a MICA graduate, Joseph Lazzaro is an interior architect and designer. Years spent in Italy further inspired his innate understanding of European sensibilities, germinating in an ability to design anything (not-excluding the rose Venetian Murano chandelier pictured below). Later, while we were photographing details in the apartment, Joe (who had just run the Baltimore half-marathon), whipped up a veritable feast of swiss chard, sweet potato (amongst other things). Not only is he a gifted designer, he also grows his own vegetables in Clifton Park…

Written & Photographed by Philippa Berrington-Blew

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