Monday, March 28, 2011

If these walls could talk…

Jeffrey Moss is no stranger to styling. A longtime photo stylist for Pottery Barn and Target, he has cleverly elected a crisp white backdrop for his own Chicago loft. Unexpectedly, the walls erupt into chaos – an avalanche of photographs cover the walls, all vying for attention – part of a vintage collection he began years ago (no photos taken later than the early 60′s). A master curator, Jeffrey collects walking sticks, vintage tip trays from defunct restaurants and more — each object is artfully displayed as though an installation in a gallery. One could never tire of this ever-evolving wallpaper – the perfect inspiration for his spells of re-arranging, movie script writing or shoot-envisioning. Oh, and Jeffrey…. I’ll be right up for one of those Manhattans on your thick antique butcher block.

Antique croquet markers

Sombre portrait momentarily interrupts...

R. Brad Knipstein photo 

Pub lantern and grain sack cushions 

Plaster deer head and cook books 

Photo chaos 


Vintage Tip Trays

Bar set up for Manhattans 

All images from Chicago Home and Garden

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