Friday, December 30, 2011

NYE: Stork Club

Picture the scene: Ethel Merman at the Stork Club, a waiter specifically assigned to her with the singular purpose of lighting her cigarettes. Or, the news of Grace Kelly's enegagement to Prince Ranier of Monaco 'breaking' at the Stork. It was the place to be. Frequented by Hollywood royalty.

A night at The Stork will be re-imagined on New Year's Eve - hosted by dear friends, complete with original Stork Club memorabilia, painstakingly collected over many months. I cannot wait to see what everyone will be wearing. I only hope I fit into my dress after a Christmas of sheer excess. Photographs next week...

Rhumba with Ecita and her Orchestra, Stork Club
Stork Club Powder Room
Stork Club Cloakroom, mid 1940's
Ashtray with slot for matches

Some of the celebrities who patronized the Club...

Ava Gardner and Artie Shaw

Peter Lawford and JFK

Elizabeth Taylor with her parents

Greg Bautzer and Joan Crawford

Jackie, Pat, Ethel, Jean and Eunice

JFK, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Vanderbilt and Herbert Swope

John F. and Jackie Kennedy

Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio

Images via Life and The Stork Club

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  1. I am very excited over the photos you have on your blog from I am NOT 1 who follows blogs.
    I am the daughter of the photographer during this era of the 1940's through the 1950's.
    Her name is, HENNY RASCH.
    She appears on the menu, as well as in your first photograph with everybody dancing. She can hardly be seen by the 2 waiters.
    I have numerous stories and photographs of the time when she was working there.
    Please contact me by email at
    Sincerely yours,