Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Les Trois Garçons

Square Meal wrote the following about Les Trois Garçons Restaurant:

It’s been nearly a decade since Les Trois Garçons first opened its doors. And during this time, nearly every restaurant in town has paid homage to its exaggerated chic style – some taxidermy here, a bejewelled gee gaw there. But no one has done it with as much verve as the triumvirate behind this ultra-deluxe bistro.

The desserts sound utterly decadent. If I ever get there, I have already chosen the Dark chocolate and praline mille feuille with confit sultanas and raisins, tea ice cream and coconut croquant. Have mercy...

More here and additional photos from here
1 Club Row, London E1 6JX
Tel: 020 7613 1924

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