Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Duchess of Alba

In my next life, I think I may just want to be the Duchess of Alba. Unashamedly bold and audacious, at 85 she has just married her third husband, Alfonso Diez - 25 years her junior. She is exempt from kneeling before the Pope, and with 47 titles - including the Grandes de España - she has ridden on horseback into the Seville Cathedral. My fantasy kindred spirit? Yes, her life sounds quite ideal, especially zig-zagging between the six spectacular palaces owned throughout Spain, littered with Rembrandts and Brueghels (to name but a few)...

All photographs by Simon Watson

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  1. My Mom and I where talking about her on the weekend, she had seen some pictures of the duchess on the beach or something? Apparently she's rated the 'best bred' person on earth...or something to that effect, could you imagine living her life...Holy OMG