Sunday, July 17, 2011

Through the Lens of LIFE

Sometimes, from beyond the skyscrapers, the cry of a tugboat finds you in your insomnia, and you remember that this desert of iron and cement is an island.  - Albert Camus

The Head of the Statue of Liberty on display at the World Fair in Paris, 1878

Liberty's Crown, 1950

Hanging out of the windows of the crown, 1952 (Margaret Bourke-White)

Pennsylvania Station, 1943

Harlem, 103rd Street

Thrill-seekers ride the 300-foot parachute jump at Coney Island
Famous Times Square Camel Ad (that belched smoke)

Queen of the Sea

Grand Central Terminal

Opening Day of the Empire State Building (Samuel H. Gottscho, 1931)

From the Brooklyn Bridge (Paul Himmel, 1950) 

Block by block grid system (Margaret Bourke-White, 1939)

A film still from Taxi Driver - Bob De Niro and Martin Scorsese, 1976
All images from LIFE


  1. Fantastic images....history in the making...Love Life...xv

  2. So many extraordinary images here! A snapshot of another time. The be-cloched heads at the opening of the Empire State, the balloon ride...these are absolute treasures.

    What a fascinating blog you have! Happy to have stumbled across it, and am having a lovely time exploring it.