Thursday, July 14, 2011

La Maison Noble de Bugnein

Our beloved cat, Greta Garbage, has delusions of grandeur. She is exceptionally selective when choosing her place of repose. Be it the toile quilt, the cashmere throw, or the gilded chair. The word pedestrian just doesn’t factor in her vocabulary. In fact, she practically art-directs her surroundings. Having said that, Miss Garbage would be quite at home in the jaw-dropping, stammer-inducing house of antique dealer and stylist Aurélien Deleuze. Situated just outside the small village of Bugnein, between Pau and Biarritz in the Pyrénées Atlantiques (sounds so much nicer in French), this stately home was originally built by an abbot in 1700 (who had been knighted by Louis XIV). Hardly a bad provenance. Aurélien is unquestionably the perfect custodian as can be seen by his impeccable taste (website below). He himself says: "This is not about temporary love, but one that is lifelong..."

Lit a la Polonaise

Aurelien's website
See more here (via Mixr)

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