Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Adam in Wonderland

“It sounds cliché but I was really blown away as a child by the Haunted Mansion ride and the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride at Disney World,” remembers Philadelphia artist Adam Wallacavage. Best known for his Gothic Octopi chandeliers, this quote rather sums up the weird and wonderful world of Wallacavage as captured by Todd Selby. He also quizzically notes:

I have a collection of mounted two-headed dogs, the world's longest cat tail that I got from an old sideshow, and a live fruit bat that I keep as a pet in my attic, but my favorite curio is my swimming pool. I live in an old Victorian brownstone in the city and my back yard is insanely tiny. I had a pool built that is eight feet in diameter but 25 feet deep. I use it to practice free diving and it is lined with cast coral and is stocked with fish. You can jump off the top of my house into it... I made all that up, but it would be cool to own the world's longest cat tail, right?

No doubt, Adam... no doubt!

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