Monday, May 16, 2011

Mount Stuart

Imagine being rather fabulous and sitting around in your kilt and Doc Martens, surrounded by family portraits painted by Joshua Reynolds and Thomas Gainsborough. Sounds like a dream? Well not so for the Marquess (and Marchioness) of Bute. Just a normal day rattling around in the Neo-Gothic ancestral country estate — if your 'normal' includes being a Formula 1 racing driver (under the pseudonym Johnny Dumfries) and having a frieze in your bedroom depicting the life of St. Margaret, the 11th-century Scottish queen...

P.S. Chosen by Stella McCartney as a backdrop for her nuptials.

Well, hello!
What shall I do today?
3-story marble hall with 80-foot ceiling
Billiards, anyone?
The private library
Drawing room
The recently restored Blue Bedroom
(initiated by the Marchioness - model turned fashion designer)

Photographs by Alexia S. via here

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