Sunday, May 29, 2011

Every Square Inch...

Spellbound. Just one of many adjectives for Castellini House in Milan. What is even more beguiling is the mystery that prevails - no matter how much I strain my Google tool, I cannot find any further information about it. I happened upon the website of photographer, Richard Powers, quite by accident. The arresting photographs of the interior - the teal and sea-green canvas, the botanical trompe l'oeil murals, the circus tent-esque effect of the ceilings and the intricate mosaic tiles... let's just say, I would park my vespa against that salvaged pillar any day of the week.

All images from here


  1. Holy crap, how gorgeous? Am in love! I had other expletives but will save those for real life.

  2. i did find this:

  3. Thank you so much - so nice of you to post. I saw that too, but the furnishings/wall treatments were so entirely different... I wasn't sure if it was the same house after all. But it certainly could be!