Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kuilfontein Stables

The journey from Cape Town to Johannesburg is often brutal. The scenery is breath-taking, but the road is ruler-straight and endless... mirages form in the distance and the landscape blurs on the periphery. Big sky country. Destinations become apparitions until finally... a welcome sign emerges - Kuilfontein.

A family farm since 1876, the converted stables provide the beautifully appointed accommodation with every amenity and comfort (each named after a champion racehorse, bred on the farm).

The Cape Dutch farm house is magnificent, and a swim in the white-washed springwater pool is a welcome relief after 'glistening' all day. Not to mention a bottomless, pink Gin and Tonic in the 'pub' with an inverted trough serving as a bar counter. 

Penny and Leigh Southey are the consumate hosts - joining guests in the pub for stories and a hearty laugh. Dining by candlelight in the carmine-coloured diningroom (previously the feed room) extols a life less ordinary. Inevitably, a darling cat or dog will lie at one's feet, gazing longingly in the hope of a morsel of Karoo lamb. Prepare your palette for an experience at breakfast - cactus fruit and prickly pear, preserves and homemade-practically-everything amongst the many treats. Guests are truly treated like old friends. 

Winding down the farm road for home, one sighs with wistful pleasure. Until next time...

Penny's father's WW II South African Air Force Uniform - note the coat hooks (pub)
Ostrich eggs and horns at Reception
The main (and private) house
What a fab pool

Farm Gate
I love this barn

Karoo sunset (with the inevitable windmill)
Inside the barn

Dining by candlelight
Homemade on the farm
What a life!
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Photographs by: Philippa Berrington-Blew

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