Sunday, May 15, 2011

Impeccably Edited

If I had a beach house, this is exactly how I would decorate it. Interior designer Gregory Mellor's unerring eye has ensured perfection in every possible way: color palette, carefully scavenged junk shop finds - not overdoing (o-dee-ing) the 'beach-theme'. When asked to describe his style, Gregory said: "Constantly evolving, but my main focus is comfort, which is influenced by the South African and Australian way of life. I always try to throw in quirky things, too, to keep things interesting". Like the trophy collection which began with a cup that his great-grandmother won in a gardening competition...

From the portfolio of Gregory Mellor
Here & Here


  1. I f'n loved this house when I saw it. And was so proud to read about him being a South African, even if its an EX Saffer.

  2. That print behind the couch! I need!

  3. Very nicely done, I can picture myself sketching and reading in this wonderful home!

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    Art by Karena

  4. In the words of Rachel Zoe... "I die" This home is so gorgeous, I love everything about it. The old, slightly verdigris brass taps, the insect chart in the lounge, everything. I love even more that its owned by a south african.