Sunday, July 1, 2012

Little (and big) boxes filled with ticky tacky...

The 40 foot truck, containing all we own, is supposedly arriving tomorrow. I say supposedly... because apparently and I quote: "The port is a moving target, so we don't really know." Hope all my things are relatively unscathed from a 6-week stretch at (rough) sea. Wouldn't it be nice if everything looked like this (below) after the monumental unpack...

Butler's pantry at Mills Mansion Poughkeepsie, NY... via here


  1. Good luck...hope everything arrives unscathed. For the unpacking...I suggest a lovely glass of red and your favourite CD.

  2. You should have recruited an unpacking team from Joburg, there are at least three of us who would rather be in Cape Town. xx

  3. I hear you... I am in the midst of packing two 40' containers, each heading to a different country. So nice when they finally write to tell you the container is due to be delivered. Good luck and happy unpacking! :)