Sunday, July 8, 2012


In the chaos that is the nature of unpacking (epic move), I seem to have misplaced the tiniest of things, yet essential to survival (or sanity at least). I cannot find the camera chord, or battery charger. Scissors have sprouted legs or appear particularly talented at disappearing into the endless abyss of wrapping paper. However, headway is being made. 50-something boxes have been disposed of in the last three days, all sorted through during the Wimbledon Tennis finals. In the meantime - until I find that wretched chord - here are some placeholder images...

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  1. Great images! Feel your pain on the moving....just did one here as well....still can't find things.

    1. I agree Fleaing france. I still find myself unpacking from last year. shove in box and shove into a space. LOL I now own 6 pair of sizzers and they go back where they belong...... :-) Hi Simone...

  2. Nice pictures! I especially like the crates with the cabinet of curiosities look. I have such collections, but haven't managed such lovely arrangements. Something to strive for!