Monday, July 9, 2012

Lenin made it unscathed

When we found the portrait of Lenin in a packed-to-the-gills San Juan antique shop, the paint was cracking off the canvas. That was part of the appeal. However, while unpacking it yesterday, I was somewhat concerned about unearthing a faceless dictator! Fortunately, all he lost was a small speck of his lower eyelid! Incidentally, I found the missing camera equipment - needed to share the following pictures. Moving house (let alone continents) truly tests every part of one's resolve. It wasn't pretty...

The truck couldn't have been bigger

Taking half a tree along with it

Ready to unload

Packed to capacity

Woah! (and starting to rain, of course)

How it all fits into this space defies logic

Why do you have so much stuff?

Biggie finding a safe spot


By the end of the day, the empty boxes were touching the rafters

This is a slightly distorted picture of the Lenin portrait

(more palatable house pics coming up soon, I promise)


  1. Congratulations! Hellish is right. I've moved over 33 times myself and hope to get rid of half my belongings before I try it again. Have fun setting up!

    1. Now that most of the boxes have gone... the obsessive arranging can begin! 33 times!!! Sherry, you are a saint. Phil xxx

  2. I'm exhausted just looking at that packed container, tip of the hat to you, believe you pretty much unpacked all on your own.

    1. I know. Liz, it is the pittttts. But then again, you have done it! Snakes and all! Big love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. You guys must be EXHAUSTED!!! The visible slivers of the house look lovely--can't wait to see more! Anna

  4. ohhhh it is more real now that you are staying in SA :( I was hoping some how or another that your stuff would be returned to Baltimore and you would have to come home! How I miss you!!! xoxox

  5. Hi girlie!!! Looking at that container reminds me of my own cross continent moves and how absolutely PAINFUL unpacking is... I am so glad your things arrived relatively unscathed... Enjoy. Miss you more than I can say....
    Love you,

  6. Unpacking and rearranging is so much fun!! Wish I was there to help. Maybe Christmas? :) Miss you, Love you, Ttty Jo xx

  7. The house already looks incredible. You are a force of design nature!