Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our House at the end of our Street (XI)

I realized when reading my post from yesterday... that it erred slightly on the side of being random (given the image and the writing didn't quite correlate). Put it down to zero sleep and beside-myself-anxiety about the impending box 'n pack. Well, the packers arrived this morning in the teeniest truck I have ever seen... literally out of a scene from Noddy. I thought Big-ears may emerge and as I was about to simply faint in front of the foreman, he assured me that today was all about packing and wrapping. Tomorrow would focus on LOADING and then the mother of all trucks would dwarf the road. 

Alrighty then... as I ingest my 17th Advil to alleviate a packing-tape-being-pulled-and-snapped-induced migraine... and pour myself a G&T.

Couldn't have been nicer. Back again tomorrow.

Earnestly contemplating tissue paper for yet ANOTHER breakable

Not the clearest image, but look... boxes with legs and the red carpet.

This is the last night in our dear old dame (house). While she isn't photo-worthy this evening (will post the last few pics next week), here is a GORGEOUS vintage image of my Mount Vernon...

Not sure of the origin or date of this photograph (possibly via The Library of Congress)


  1. what a gorgeous home...the lighting fixtures are exquisite, are they going with you?

  2. Literally weeping. Goodbye dear house. xxx

  3. I know... too sad.

    And thank you, Jennifer! The lights are staying put. They are part of the house now... Phil xxxxxxx