Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our House at the end of our Street (X)

Casual Thursday. A practically impromptu spring lunch. Just before everyone arrived, I snapped a few pics. In the background, are two of the panels that make up the gorgeous triptych given to me by the extraordinary David Wiesand. These depict the E. Sachse & Co. lithograph of Mount Vernon Place and the Washington Monument (circa 1850) - in the Baltimore neighborhood I have been living in for the past seven years. What a wonderful reminder they will be of my talented friend, and my beloved 'hood'...


  1. is your friend David, related to McLain Wiesand in Baltimore? I've been stalking the mirror below on their website


  2. Dear Jennifer,
    Yes, David's company is McLain Wiesand. And I agree, that mirror is to die for...

  3. to have such talented friends, a gift in itself

  4. I am so glad Jennifer likes the Cherry pegged mirror! And the large Mt Vernon scenes look sizzling hot in your home.

  5. Oh what a sweetheart, its going to look amazing in your new home. xxxx