Tuesday, January 17, 2012



Peter Beard: Self-portrait in mouth of crocodile, Kubi Fara 1965

(Above) Helmut Newton Crocodile Eating Ballerina 1983
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  1. Love these crazy shots... have fun in Sundance... xv

  2. Just wondering..........is there a woman alive over (what???) who does not agree that Peter Beard is the "sexiest man who has ever lived" Not People magazine...not "this year" I guess I mean my life span. (fortunately still going)!

    b 1947 still alive at 64 in 2012. Can anyone name anyone sexier? No. But go for it! He is the sexiest man now, maybe both centuries. I am pretty sure he will make it....even after he is gone.

    Look closely at those pictures.............are you kidding? Holy cow! and then Holy COW again!

    If a can has a label on it.....and the label says "SEX APPEAL" and then the back of the label says....."Open this can at your own risk; this can has 'SEX"'in it!".
    Let's just say that can existed!

    I do not think the age of the person opening this can matters.....much. (after puberty)...18 to 98 (pretty sure about that!)

    Peter Beard is who pops out of that can!

    Genetic coming together so beautifully with love of animals.......heroism for animals......and just plain animal beauty. He is a "perfect specimen"...and he has spent his entire life helping animals.........and saving them.....and honoring beauty.

    He is my "it guy" of not one, but two centuries! 20th and 21st!
    give me a break with the alligator pic. This guy is such a stud it is hard to keep looking! Sheesh!


    (does he already have a president of his fan club? HA!! 20,000 of them!

    do the guys get this? Do men understand this?

    I wonder!

    I honestly do wonder if a straight guy could look at those pictures and see; My guess is no.
    That is OK......it is all OK....what you see is what you se!

    I need body ice pack. Right now!

    Where and how do I bookmark?