Sunday, September 4, 2011

High Society - Grace Kelly

Apparently, Alfred Hitchcock (upon hearing about Grace's imminent wedding to Prince Rainier of Monaco) said: "I'm very happy that Grace has found herself such a good part..." 

Grace Kelly was nothing short of the epitome of perfection. These rare unpublished photos of a princess-to-be (courtesy of LIFE), depict some wonderfully candid moments. From an assistant keeping her petticoats from getting muddied as she was leaving the Hollywood studio lot for the last time, to photos of Grace carefully selecting and packing her extensive trousseau before moving to Europe, with her poodle Oliver looking on in bemusement...

The newly-engaged Grace Kelly

The couple, 1956

The studio gave Grace the twelve costumes she wore in the film High Society... to keep! From tapered trousers to beautiful evening gowns.

Leaving the Hollywood lot for the last time (before marriage)

Packing with Oliver

Unidentified seamstress with the veil

Finishing touches on the lace and pearl-studded prayer book

Goodbye Tinseltown

Gift shopping inside Cartier, New York

Bidding farewell to her fans in NYC

Grace Kelly stands with her mother, Margaret Majer Kelly

Bound for Monaco aboard the S.S. Constitution

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier the day before the wedding

Greeting guests

At the alter

Just married
All images from LIFE


  1. Such sensational images...what a beauty she was....Thank you for this lovely post....xv

  2. The wonderful Toad of "To the Manner Born" sent me a link to your wonderful post - so glad to find it. Perfection.

  3. Elegance there a star in Hollywood today who could even compare? I think not.

  4. What a fascinating sequence - the images tell such a story. Indeed she was elegance personified.