Thursday, September 22, 2011

Françoise Hardy

Talk about six degrees of separation. In this case... one, actually. A friend - who shall remain nameless - took Mademoiselle Hardy out on two dates in the 60's. He, a part of swinging London, (not dissimilar to the fashion set as depicted in Antonioni's Blowup) and she, a shy, unassuming, but soon-to-be superstar. 

I love her look - hair straight with bangs, no nonsense or superfluous accoutrements, perfect bones and effortless French girl style. And how darn cool is that Honda...


  1. Fantastic images....what a beauty.....xv

  2. I had no idea she was so beautiful but have long loved her music. Found you via Jaime at shine. Loving your new blog. - laura