Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Industrial Strength

Industry. Iron. Pulleys. Pivots. Cog wheels. Casters. Apparatus. Contraptions. Put it this way, I have a very strong affection for all things with one foot in the Industrial Revolution. First up is the West Orange Laboratories Heavy Machine Shop...

Miners Cages photographed at a mine in Germany...

The abandoned Bureau de CW, which lies next to a still-active blast furnace in France...

Second and last photograph by Ilja Hummel (via Examiner, Travelpod and *Yeahghostttowns)


  1. That last photo is stunning. I could totally live in there or at least host a party!

  2. WOW, I think the first is from thomas edison's labs in West Orange......I toured them back in the 90's before they were made pretty for the public. Everyone shoudl go there once, it is such a huge part of our techie history. His house up the hill is pretty cool too.