Monday, February 27, 2012

Coming up for Air (Let the Room Breathe)...

I must admit that most of my cuckoo-ness (this past weekend) was self-induced. After offloading the burden of superfluous furniture, there were several 'holes' left in the decor (and dusty reminders of where each piece had once stood). So scramble did I, to rearrange. Oh, and also scrubbed my fingers to a nub. Carol Burnett-style. Now, the house looks so entirely different... the drawing room has nothing in it, besides one settee. But I am taking my cue from this particular Appartement Haussmannien in Paris... if the house has spectacular bones, one needs very little else. Less is so much more.


  1. Fabulous shots... less is always so much more! I have put your giraffe on my daily click today ... loved that image... thank you... xv

  2. as we say here in South Carolina to describe our elegantly decayed homes....those rooms are "arrogantly shabby." Those images will have me daydreaming of Paris all day

  3. I have been doing the same exact thing...It's starts out fun then by the end feels like a punishment :)