Monday, October 24, 2011

Our House at the end of our Street (III)

The continuing saga of our house goes as follows: After we finally managed to persuade the previous owner to part with the building, our next challenge was to 'oust' the two tenants on the first floor (hereinafter known as Weirdo #1 and Weirdo #2). Their sole possessions consisted of two mattresses, two computers, a shotgun, and a cat with elephantitis of the cajones. Over the years, it had just simply lifted its tail and sprayed. The next order of business for us - at this point un-jaded and not yet cynical - was to paint the two drawing rooms and the diningroom (the kitchen we would tackle later.) But, ridding the house of its odor (thanks to Weirdo #1, Weirdo #2 and Mr. Balls) would prove to be the most difficult. Thankfully, when the aforementioned duo went to jail for fraud, the odor finally went away. It is not known where Mr. Balls ended up...


  1. I am loving this.....looking forward to more updates.....xv

  2. Coincidence that you have so many spherical objects in Mr. Balls former abode?

  3. I hope it's been well worth the wait ... such an amazing space!