Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Baltimore - Costumerie on Howard

I have heard Baltimore described as The City that Reads; The City that Bleeds; Bodymore Murderland; Harm City; Charm City and The Greatest City in America. Its reputation not exactly helped by the tone set by the brillant Wire...
Living in the heart of the city always yields some pretty far-out surprises, practically around every corner. Here is a perfect case-in-point - just a block away from my house, is A.T. Jones & Sons. Now owned by George Goebel, the veteran Baltimore magician and Houdini expert, this costumerie has been around for 138 years, and is renowned in theatrical and operatic circles - a visit to the vast space is rather like walking onto the set of your own opera - my mouth always agape in sheer wonderment. Caution: not for Clownophobes...

Read more about A.T. Jones & Sons here
(708 N Howard St., Baltimore, MD 21201)
Images by Philippa Berrington-Blew

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