Friday, April 22, 2011

"The Island of Misfit Toys"

Being an 'other-peoples-houses' voyeur at heart, I love the Apartment Therapy house tours. This is more legit than driving past homes at night hoping to catch a glimpse of the interior. Certifiable, I know! And once (mortifyingly) I was caught. I could be labelled a Peeping House Tom. Back to AT, I rather fancy the home of Michael Andrews and Paul Svendsen in Silver Lake, CA. Especially a corner of the dining room and bedroom with its monochromatic palette... to quote the writer and photographer Gregory Han "a curious assortment of decorative collectibles, all remarkably intriguing... a preserved amphibian, a full-size roller-skate doorstop or a make-shift milk bottle terrarium". Sounds like my kinda place.

Salvaged Vintage Mailboxes
Fornasetti plates from Barney's, NYC
Fun, quirky accessories
All photographs by Gregory Han - Apartment Therapy
Michael Andrews owns a shop in LA called Inheritance
Explore here 

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  1. This apartment has a look I adore and one I am (sadly) unable to create in my own home. Mine just looks like garage sale when I try to achieve these kind of brilliantly incongruous pairings.