Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hipsta-South Africa

Lonely Planet has this to say about South Africa: "It befits its position at the Southern end of the world's most epic continent, with more types of terrain than photographers can shake their zoom lens at." The following pictures are a snapshop of my road trip through South Africa (roughly the size of Texas) in February, including an overnight stay in Prince Albert in the Cape (near a place called De Hel, literally meaning hell, but really the opposite because of its beauty). The Great Karoo has also been described as Die Niks (the nothing), however one cannot but be seduced by its charm...

Take-out in Belfast Mpumalanga

Choose your fro at African Hair Cuttery (courtesy of the side of the road), Belfast
View from Cape to Cuba Restaurant, Kalk Bay
Home-made Granadilla Tart and ice-cream at Marianna's, Stanford

Table Mountain, Cape Town

Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town

Long Street, Cape Town

Maremoto, Cape Town

Salt and pepper in mussel shells

Giant sea urchin

Suurbraak, near the Tradouws Pass, Cape

General Dealer, Suurbraak

The longest wine route in the world - yes please

Outside Ronnie's Sex Shop, Karoo

Klaarstroom, Great Karoo

My kinda car, Klaarstroom

Storm brewing

Pep Stores, Prince Albert

Cottage, Prince Albert

Prince Albert

Dutch Reformed Church, Prince Albert


Kudu horns at Onse Rus Guesthouse, Prince Albert

Enamel plaque in an antique store in Prince Albert

Piet Chops slaghuis (Literal translation: Peter's Chops Slaughterhouse)
All photographs by Philippa Berrington-Blew