Monday, April 22, 2013

A Wedding at Terrain

One of my favorite shops in the whole wide world is Terrain in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. It is the horticultural variant of Anthropologie and styled just as masterfully, except that most of the verdant merchandise is constantly growing, flourishing and sprouting. It truly is a gorgeous photo-op at every turn, so an obvious choice for a show-stopping (but pure and wholesome) wedding. And a wedding reception feast in the antique greenhouse of the organic Glen Mills Garden Café, would crown it all...

See lots more here (Wedding Photographer: Ash Imagery)


  1. I remember that meal we had there so well! The crazy rain!! The amazing food. Loved every second of it.

  2. Nature is a beautiful. I would love to get married again to my wife there. It looks so nice and I think after a big wedding at one of the NYC wedding venues, this one we can do for ourselves, Just a small gathering and a nice cake!