Monday, March 4, 2013

No good deed goes unpunished

I saved this little chandelier from certain demise after discovering it hidden in a dusty box at the back of an antique store. Then I lugged it all the way from Baltimore to Cape Town. Now, short of replacing the candle "nozzles" (which would sadly alter its perfect proportions), I am unable to find the right bulbs. What's a poor girl to do?


  1. Would be happy to send bulbs from US to you, though whether they'd make it safely is anyone's guess. :)

    1. Dearest Liz C... So sweet of you! I have the American bulbs here, but the 'wattage' in South Africa is different. If I hit the switch with American bulbs fitted to the nozzles, small explosions are inevitable! xxxxxxxxx

  2. Which bulbs do you need. There is a lighting specialist in Parkhurst, that will definitely have them. Do you want the little candle bulbs?