Thursday, December 20, 2012

Massimo Listri

Using natural light where possible, photographer Massimo Listri has perfectly captured what can only be described as the most exquisite interiors in the world. In his own words:

My photography is an expression of tranquility and silence in this chaotic society - a sense of perspective and equilibrium. This is therapy for the soul. Every time I take a photo is like the first time a treasure is revealed, a first emotion, be it an empty room or the greatest treasures of the Vatican...

Self Portrait

Castello di Pierrefonds, France, 1995

Biblioteca di Michelozzo a S. Marco, Firenze, 2009

Palazzo Martelli, Firenze, 2008

Biblioteca di Weimar, Germany, 1997

Biblioteca del Abbazia di Kremsmunster, Germany, 1994

Palazzo Reale III, Stockholm, 1998

Lapidario di Palazzo Mozzi Bardini, Firenze, 2009

Palazzo Altemps, Roma, 1998

Castello di Aglie I, Piemonte, 2007

Cappelle Medicee, Firenze, 2008

Reggia di Venaria I, Piemonte 2007
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