Thursday, November 29, 2012


A really enormous thank you to everyone who offered suggestions for the "Exceeded Quota" blog crisis. My dear friend, Mia, who faced the same conundrum with her Number 19, wrote me an e-mail entitled IFIGUREDITOUT. And she sure did... go to Google PLUS and upgrade profile, and then all previous problems simply dissolve. Whew! Here are some Instagram photos taken recently...

Window at Velk, Church Street

Greens in the kitchen

Crackled walls

Detail on an Anatomie Illustration

Bust at Treasury

Vogel, Woodstock

Apothecary, Delos


Detail, illustration at The Power and the Glory

My desk

Shiny, happy...


Can you just make out Greta Garbage? Look bottom center...


CU of the Freemasons metal cabinet

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