Wednesday, October 24, 2012


It has been a rough winter, stormy and destructive. Coming home (after a weekend away) is never fun when faced with a collapsed arbor, the beams split and the lantern hanging precariously close to the ground...

Or... waking up in the morning and noticing a large black something in the pool. Half-frozen with fright that it may be one of the cats... it was almost a relief to discover it was a porcelain urn which had cracked in 70 pieces, thanks to another falling beam...

And then, after another night of the unrelenting Cape Doctor, the creeper (poor thing) finally gave up hanging by one twig and took its final bow (for entirety). Took us a whole morning to dispose of the branches...

Going slightly CUCKOOOOOOOOO...


  1. Umm, speechless. Sorry hon you poor thing, there's been no respite. xxxx

  2. Bummer Phil. Well, here's a good design challenge for you!

  3. jayzus, you poor thing. sounds like we're going to have a blow through here like the doctor in the cape.


    1. Worried about you guys... Watching the progress of Hurricane Sandy with bated breath. Bella is beside herself! xxxx