Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Little Snögrinda

There is a South-Easter blowing today. It is raining sideways. One room has become an indoor Niagara. And, in the midst of this howling gale, I have chosen to paint our bedroom white. The very antithesis of warmth. Trying to think "big picture" at this point. The wooden floorboards are also in need of some TLC. Most definitely considering painting them white just like those in the house of one of Sweden's most sought after designers, Synnöve Mork. The Little Snögrinda house in Gotland is tranquility personified... and, after all, I can always cover my entire self in a giant warm blanket if the white feels a little icy...

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  1. AHMAGAHD!!!!!!!!! I swear if I could I'd be there monday morning to help you unload your treasures.

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  3. Hej from Sweden,

    Everything is indeed painted snow white here.