Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Baltimore (II)

Our family always likes a modicum of self-imposed mental flagellation (or rather it is imposed on us) and Saturday was no exception. Our car broke down in Roland Park. No plausible explanation, just obstinately refused to start. No problem, we thought... we would catch a bus home. No buses from that location on a Saturday. Then we shall walk, I stated. What about a cab, was my husband's response. No! I exclaimed in a knee-in-the-nuts tone that prompted a sideways empathy glance from my daughter to my husband. A few hours later, we were home with aching limbs. But, at least it was a perfect fall day. Along the way we stopped to gawk at the AMAZING window in the Hampden Junque Shop. Wonderfully off-center, slightly macabre and infinitely original...

Hampden Junque

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